The 10 Most Effective Study Tips For High School Students

If you are in high school, follow the 10 most effective study tips below:

  1. Have a homework space. When you study, you need a creative space you can call your own. This can range from a desk at home to a café.

  2. You want to avoid working in areas that are commonly associated with other tasks such as your kitchen table or bed. Your brain can really only associate one clear task with one specific area and if you try and sit at your kitchen table to work your brain will begin to think about food. If you try to work in bed, you will start to drift to sleep. This is why you need to find a space that is unique to work and work alone.

  3. Work at the same time every day. And work every day.

  4. Get rid of distractions like a cell phone, tablet, or computer if you do not need it.

  5. Avoid lyrics. Music with lyrics might seem like a great idea when working, especially if you are working in a crowded place, but the lyrics will serve as a cognitive distraction and draw your attention away from whatever it is you are reading or writing.

  6. It is also true that the beat and tempo of music has a direct impact on the manner in which your brain perceives time. So if you pick fast paced music with a fast tempo your brain will perceive that time has passed faster and it will work at a heightened pace that is rushed. But if you listen to classical music with a calm and relaxed tempo your brain will calm down and perceive time as passing slowly by, with a more relaxed atmosphere.

  7. Look over your instructions for each task before you start. Read over notes from the last class lecture to refresh your memory.

  8. Take a break every hour. For every hour of studying, take five minutes to walk around, stretch your legs, walk around your block, or just stretch in place. These small breaks can boost creativity.

  9. Have a healthy snack and water nearby so that you are satiated and hydrated.

  10. Gather all of your supplies before you sit down to work. Nothing ruins the work flow more than having to get up to search for a book or highlighter that went missing two days ago.

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