5 Interesting Social Studies Homework Ideas For Students

If you are interested in social studies, congratulations! It is a niche that can bring you many satisfactions, and that can help many people around you. It is true that you need to study a lot to be good in this field but if you are passionate enough, it’s worth it! Homework for this course is very pleasant, but it’s not easy at all. Besides, you need to be inventive all the time and to create new methods to expose the information that you find. Here are some interesting ideas that might help you with your homework:

  1. Create your own statistics. In social studies, when you have to prove a point, you need to do it by presenting statistics. You can count on the ones that you find on the Internet, but how are you sure that they are completely right? To explore the subject a bit more and to impress your teacher, make your own statistic in your class, among your students.

  2. Conduct interviews. It’s boring to rely on the same book over and over again. You want some new information, so you can explore further the issue. Well, why not discuss with real people instead of reading the book? Conduct interviews among your classmates and find out their opinion about a certain issue.

  3. Analyze frequent situations that happen in your class. What better way to help your classmates than offering them a solution to their social problem? Maybe someone is being teased or ignored by his colleagues; how can you prevent this?

  4. Discuss with a sociologist. You need correct information and a clear explanation right? Then a sociologist is the right person to help you. You can take his explanations, re-write them and introduce them in your homework or quote him directly. Quotes are always preferred, but you have to be sure that he is fine with you mentioning his name in public.

  5. Study a well known social habit. Let’s say that they talk on TV about this for months, and everyone is interested in it. Well, make them interested in your homework by analyzing this specific issue in your assignment. You can search for information online, discuss with other students who share a different opinion and even make a statistic to find out what people think. This will be a complete project and your homework will be the best.

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