How To Tackle Spiral Math Homework And Quizzes

Spiral math is a simple but very effective method of math revision which involves answering a few math problems every day. The math problems are drawn from a variety of topics. It is easy to see why teachers and students alike love spiral math. The student is kept familiar with both old and new topics constantly. By the time exams are around the corner, there is little to be done in the way of revision. Here is how to make the best of spiral math:

  • Do a variety of problems
  • Your daily math assignment should consist of a variety of math problems. Pick five topics and throw in one question from each topic. This way you are not focusing too much on what you are learning at the moment and neglecting topics you have already covered. These older topics remain fresh in your mind. You don’t get to forget what you learned a semester or two before.

  • Focus on what you have already been taught
  • Previously taught material is always better because you will be reinforcing what you have already learned. Trying to cover material you have not learned will only lead to confusion and frustration.

  • Start with Easier Problems
  • Start with easier problems and slowly progress to harder, more complex problems. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Tackle more complex problems as time goes by. Flex your muscles a little more each day.

  • Solve only a few problems at a time
  • Don’t try to do more than around four or five problems a day if you are in elementary school. Students in high school can do up to ten problems a day without feeling too strained. Doing too many problems a day can lead to fatigue and frustration. You do not want to feel bored or overextended.

  • Do this every day or, at least, every school night – without fail.
  • The trick is to do a little homework on a daily basis. This allows you to keep all the material you are supposed to know in your short term and long term memory. In time, the math processes are locked down in your brain. No more last minute cramming for exams.

Now you know all the characteristics you need to be looking out for when shopping for a spiral math homework guide.

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