How To Do Your Middle School Math Homework Quickly

Homework is one of the ways your teacher finds out if you have understood what he or she has taught you in class. If you prepare work in the evening it brings together everything you have learned during the day to make it easier for class tomorrow.

Everyone groans about math class but being able to add up and subtract are some of the most important skills you can learn. But it is so boring. And when you are bored you see problems as difficult even when they are not. So here are a few ideas to help you get through that all important preparation.

Ways to make math easier

  1. When you go shopping with mom or dad, check out the items listed as on sale. Sometimes a store does sneaky tricks to make things look like a bargain when they are not. Calculate the sale price and see if you can advise your parents on what is a real bargain. They’ll be happy too.

  2. When you eat out, race your parents to calculate what tip you should leave for the server.

  3. Are you passionate about sport? Well, you will already know that you cannot really understand for instance baseball without knowing the player’s batting average and other facts. How do you think these were reached? Time to explore your favorite pastime with math.

  4. When you read a problem through do you just skim the text? Often you can miss an important fact and that will make a task seem impossible. Take the time to read through each problem and underline all the key facts or words. Once know those, the work will go much faster.

  5. Another way to approach an “impossible” problem is to break it down and see which parts of it you can do. Once you have done those it is likely that you will see a way to finish the task. But even if you cannot, you will get marks for trying and not giving up.

  6. Another that helps your work go smoothly and quickly is making sure you have everything you will need in place before you start work. It takes a lot of extra time to get up from your desk to find your calculator or your pencils and graph paper.

  7. Finally pay attention in class. Your teacher will have already told you the answer to the problems, even if you have to combine one or more things they told you to get the answer right.

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