The Principles Of Homework Policy For Middle School Students

Homework is not something teachers think up when they have nothing else to do. There are strict policies that regulate the types and amount of assignments children are given. For example, middle school homework is usually regulated by the following set of rules:

  • Every assignment should be connected to the grade level, curriculum, and class instruction.
  • Therefore, teachers can’t give you a task on something not covered by the material you study in class.

  • An assignment must be designed so that it can be completed individually, within the predetermined time allotment, and with minimal help from adults.
  • The amount of time allotted for homework varies depending on the grade. At the 6th grade, students should be able to complete their sudies (including exam preparation and revision) within 70 minutes a day. For the 7th grade the allotted time is 80 minutes, and 90 for the 8th.

  • Middle school homework should be given Monday through Thursday.
  • Students can use weekends and holidays for make up work, revision, or recreational reading. However, this time should be free of tasks assigned in their current classes as these days are reserved for the family.

  • Students who take extra classes will need to exceed the allotted daily study time.
  • The amount of the added minutes should be proportional to the rest of the assignments.

  • Students should be provided homework assistance by the core teachers.
  • Every teacher has to dedicate some time (check with your student’s office or teacher to learn the schedule) to assisting students with their assignments. It’s advised for students to come to these sessions prepared and have a list of questions they need answered to complete the assignment.

  • Parents should assist children with their homework.
  • It is a parent’s duty to provide the children with quiet space and necessary materials to complete the assignments. Contact the grade level counselor or teacher in case any problem arises. Parents should monitor the time their children spend on studying and the level of the child’s productivity.

  • Teachers must review and return completed assignments in a timely manner.
  • If a student has some questions in regards to the grade, he or she should discuss them with the teacher or seek the assistance of the grade counselor if the problem cannot be solved.

  • Teachers have to explain homework prior to assigning it.
  • The assignment must be communicated in a clear precise manner so that every student can understand what exactly is expected of him or her. Any questions regarding the assignment must be answered quickly.

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