How To Deal With Your High School English Grammar Homework

So you have been assigned some English grammar homework. Rather you than me, only joking! Before you start wailing in despair or cancelling your social life for the next month, don’t worry, getting through this doesn’t have to be as traumatic as you might initially think. “Doing” and “Dealing” with your homework are two entirely different things. Personally I prefer “Dealing with” rather than “doing.” Let me explain why!

Doing your homework often means hours and hours of hard slog, while you work through the fine print of the task at hand. Not only is grammar monotonous but it is also a minefield and laden with traps for you to stumble into. Dealing with it, means finding effective solutions to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Here is how you do just that!

Sign up for an online grammar checking service

Okay, so unless you have the funds to pay for an annual subscription this is going to cost you around $20, or the price of a couple of pizzas. Trust me, this will be money well spent as it will not only help you sail through your grammar homework but it will also help you achieve better results in any other assignments that you happen to be set. Depending upon how diligent you are, you can also use the grammar checking tool as a learning device to learn from your mistakes and avoid making them in future. Perfect if you feel that you want the assistance but don’t want to feel as though you are cheating!

Give yourself plenty of time

Unless you have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, in which case grammar will have been drummed into you from birth, then this is not going to come naturally to you. So, you are going to need to have plenty of time set aside to go through the task in fine detail. Rushing through it will inevitably lead to mistakes as you attempt to sort your periods from your pronouns.

Be awake

This is in essence a continuation of my previous point and it isn’t exactly rocket science. There is no point whatsoever attempting to tackle this while tired. Not only will it drive you out of your mind with despair but it will also lead to a high volume of mistakes and errors. If you have had no sleep and have no choice but to do it then go drink copious amounts of caffeine before starting.

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