What Is The Real Importance Of Homework Assignments?

Many generations of students have passed through the education system as it has been bequeathed to us by the Prussians. There is a separation between learners based most obviously on age and ability but also on social economic status. Some aspects of this system are outright wrong but there are parts that are actually quite useful. One of these is the practice of assigning projects and questions to students for completion outside of the school hours. Homework projects remain important for the following reasons:

  • They keep students out of trouble
  • There are many dangerous activities that students can get caught up with if they have too much free time. The internet makes it easy for them to dabble in pornography or even bomb-making without leaving the relative safety of their homes. While it is even more helpful to get them involved in more active extra curricula programs, home assignments can also help.

  • They give unwilling students a reason to study
  • While some students will attack their text books religiously without any instructions, others are unwilling to spend any time looking at academic things voluntarily. For these students, such projects keep them referring to their school books in their free time. This can be extremely important to student who need that extra study time the most.

  • They help advanced students get more challenges
  • Teachers who notice that some of their students are especially gifted can tailor their work to give challenges. Doing so in class may be difficult or impossible but the home environment gives that additional freedom. They can even take suggestions from the pupil to get a better feel for which areas should be researched most heavily.

  • They help teachers diagnose issues before exams
  • By looking over the work that students complete at home, teachers can get a much better idea of where problems are. When asked if they understand or not, many students develop the habit of saying they do just to get the lesson moving or to avoid being called stupid. The wrong answers that they submit the next morning can show exactly where the confusion is so that revision can be better targeted before exams.

  • They build discipline
  • By learning to complete at home assignments nightly, students exercise their ability to meet deadlines and produce good work on schedule. This is something that comes in handy in most jobs and even in the everyday business of being an adult.

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