Free Instructions For Tackling First-Grade Homework

This is the stage, when kids are either very eager to do their home task or are very lazy doing it. Sometimes they would not listen to you at all and would run from doing it. While at other times, they would crave for more and more.

Handling the home assignments and your kid’s mood can be very challenging. For your ease, we have composed here a set of free instructions that would help you in tackling first-grade homework. If you still want more assistance, you can explore this site for help.

  • Organizing and specifying the work
  • Organizing not only includes arranging your kids work but also specifying a best time for you and your kid for studying. This helps in managing the workload, organizing skills, and sticking to a planned schedule.

  • Working on motor skills
  • It is important to develop your kid’s fine and gross motor skills. Look for motor skill exercises and games. It would not only aid in staying healthier and physically fit but would also improve their handgrip and writing skills.

  • Improving writing skills
  • Kids should know how much space is required between two words. They should be familiar with spacing techniques and following a writing pattern.

  • Picture story
  • Show a picture to your kid and ask him to develop a story by seeing it. It will help him in observing the picture and creating a story depending upon his own creative skills.

  • Knowing the alphabetical order
  • It is important to tell kids about the alphabetical order. You could draw an attractive picture like a train or a snail and write different words in them. Then ask your kid to number them or to arrange them in an alphabetical order. Moreover, one can use blocks or cards to give them the concept.

  • Use of clay
  • It is very interesting, easy, and helpful. You could get different samples and shapes to make different shapes. Samples, models, or frames of alphabetical shapes are also available. It could help you in distinguishing letters.

  • Make it interesting
  • Use stickers, glitters, colored pages, glitter pages, files, and homework folders. Specify a drawer or a cupboard for his stationary and give him the access and possession of the drawer.

  • Recognition board
  • Paste all your kid’s awards, certificates, shields or sample of good work on it. Praise him more often, like while having the dinner or lunch. Keep on telling all family members about his achievements in front of him. This will give him confidence to do more good work. Paste colorful stars on his result card.

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