How To Deal With Your College AP Economics Homework

Dealing efficiently with your homework means research and planning. Advanced Placement economics unlike literature for example where you need to search and create from your own mind ,is an exact subject which should make the researching part much easier because it is based on logic and exact numbers , nothing more , nothing less so all you really need is a good memory and a little spare time for learning terms , formulas and calculus .

  • First step , planning . Distribute time for each step of the process. Take some time before getting to work for research for example. For every mark you have, do the research. You wouldn’t be needing that much time in the research part, if you remember a few short definitions for each term of formula it would be enough.

  • Work efficiently not hard. In this case it should be easier because, as I already mentioned, advanced placement economics homework is an exact matter so no artsy work involved. As long as you keep in mind terms and definitions it should be easy. Read up the class papers a couple of times, underline some “catchy phrases” if needed and keep definitions as short and efficient as possible. After you have done the research and obtained all the necessary data, plan the order of the marks. A good list of order will help a lot in terms of time and hard work.

  • First deal with the easiest objectives to save time for the harder ones .Of course, it is just economics homework and you have got all the time in the world to do it, but why waste time? Learn to manage your time so that you won’t have to spend all day working. Not to say that your brain has its own stamina. Work him too long with a hard question, later on, it won’t be able to answer the easy ones efficiently .If a mark is too hard to solve, fragment it .Take it step by step . Sometimes undoing the puzzle makes it easier to perceive.

  • Practice will help on the long run. Indeed the brain has its own stamina but if you work it out regularly it will increase the power of concentration. As it is said, practice makes perfect. Be determined and serious about your work and you will master it.

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